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Ronald Smith
Co-founder/Executive Director

Ronald Smith is a community business executive director who specializes in strategies to
help reduce the crime rate to gun violence.

Mr. Smith is the Founder and CEO of Positive Vibes Ronjanae Smith Inc. a nonprofit
organization that honors the precious remembrance of his daughter, Ronjanae Smith who was an innocent 14 year old, who lost her life to a senseless gun violence act in May 2021. Based in North Charleston, South Carolina, Mr. Smith intent is to honor his daughter of gun violence by turning this life changing tragedy into a moment of transformation. Ronald Smith is a deeply valued executive team member known for making key connections in the community. He brings a diverse perspective to families, by offering a safe space for individuals, who may be at risk of future involvement with or to gun violence.

In all his roles, Mr. Smith balances his profitable growth with high positive energy and a
motivational style of leadership, to be able to achieve outstanding results by offering a
variety of programs to empower youth and adults in schools, homes and communities.
Programs includes mentoring program, conflict management, mental health services, boys to men program, with a future after school program as well.

Mr. Smith’s passion is to prevent gun violence and stop the tragic loss of another child’s life. While he continues to work hard to provide a better solution when responding to conflicts, that doesn’t involve using a gun. In addition, Mr. Smith is also the Founder of a recent nonprofit organization Positive Vibes Interrupter to Violence in October 2023. Mr. Smith goal is to develop and implement effective, positive meaningful gun violence prevention methods in all communities, by collaborating with local organizations through engagement, advocacy, and community-led solutions.

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